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NURWAL BIN OIL TRADING is a professional enterprise engaged in the RBD Palm Olein production, Trading and distribution of refined and edible oils in Asian market and global markets, since its establishment a decade ago. Our commitment is to provide quality edible oils to our clients and consumers. We invested heavily in farming, technical collaboration with several reputable science institutions specialized in edible oils. We have the capacity to scientifically create our own ingredients. All these have given us a solid foundation to cater to markets edible oils requirement. 

Currently our Edible Oils are In the international market, we established network with reliable refineries and suppliers of quality edible oils in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan,Argentina, Brazil, Singapore and China . Thus our quality and standards far exceed the health requirements and specifications of most governments and buyers. 

Honesty, Unity, Persistence, Focus - these are our values in business. We strongly believe that we are able to provide you with high quality products and services!

Our capabilities are to supply  all over the world for our clients and customers. Our approach is to supply best quality Cooking Oils with higher standards.The amount of Oil we deliver each year amounts to thousands of tonnes, and every day we go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy our thousands of customers.